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Monday 03.10.2014

NMR is pleased to welcome the former RSI employee’s and customers to Northern Metal Recycling.  All of the RSI sites will continue to operate as they always have – business as usual.

We want to thank the former owners of RSI for the opportunity to grow our business with this acquisition, and for their continued involvement with our management and combined customers

Monday 06.02.14

NMR Bismarck has moved!

The new NMR Bismarck (Yegen Road) depot is up and running and already receiving praise from customers old and new. 

The site has been organised to address the needs of the small scales trade such as householders, right through to the larger, more frequent deliveries.  A new, upgraded building and scales, separate loading bays and more working space has made for a more convenient depot with the added benefits of the same friendly NMR people and service. 

The depot has been designed to allow the growth anticipated as a result of the mining now taking place in the state of North Dakota and will continue to receive investments from NMR in shape of additional machinery and transport. 

“We went from an old “wood floor” Non Ferrous operation in Bismarck to a modern, well equipped depot.  We’re delighted with the upgrade and looking forward to our future in Bismarck,” said NMR President Steve Ettinger.

For more information about NMR Bismarck including address, contact details and opening hours go to

Wednesday 07.03.2014

Recycler turns trash into cash

Did you see us in the West Fargo Pioneer?

"A cherry picker swings across the skyline, its extended claw snatching up chunks of scrap metal from huge piles.

'We started with two people. Now we’ve got seven, and we’re looking for two more,' said Blakeman. 'So we’re growing.'

Northern Metal Recycling, headquartered in Minneapolis, is a subsidiary of European Metal Recycling, a privately owned global metal recycling company that sells 10 million tons of recycled commodities per year, employing 3,500 people in 150 countries, according to its website.

NMR has 12 locations in Minnesota, two in Wisconsin and three in North Dakota, including Milnor and Bismarck.

'As time went on we grew, and they decided to open a new facility,' Blakeman said.

The company found rental space across from the West Fargo stockyards.

“We decided to see if it would grow into something, and it did,” Blakeman said.

The company recycles anything metal.

'We like to say don’t throw it in the trash, turn it into cash,' Blakeman said.

NMR accepts everything from household steel and industrial scrap to car bodies, which are shipped to a company shredder in the Twin Cities, he said.

It’s business area includes Fargo-Moorhead and towns within a 60-mile radius, he said.

Northern Metal Recycling is open Monday through Friday from 7:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

'We’re just tickled to death to be here in West Fargo,' Blakeman said.

Northern Metal Recycling opened its yard at 654 9th St. NW., West Fargo, in February 2013, said Richard Blakeman, site manager."

To see the full piece in the West Fargo Pioneer go to