Following is a list of materials that Northern Metal Recycling WILL NOT ACCEPT:

PCB Capacitors or PCB capacitor bearing materials and items

Fluorescent lights including ballasts

Cracked and/or broken lead-acid batteries. This means to include pieces of batteries

Mercury or any mercury bearing items

Magnesium turnings


Following is a list of materials that Northern Metal Recycling WILL ACCEPT (as long as the material meets the provisions listed):

Automobile bodies: accepted at St. Paul, Bismarck, St. Cloud, Willmar, Eau Claire, Rice Lake, Green Isle, Maple Grove and Glenwood locations

Materials which were formerly capacitor bearing, will be considered ONLY if all capacitors have been removed and supplier has signed a supplier certificate

Gas Tanks. Tanks that have been completely drained and punched with a minimum of three holes, both top and bottom, or, cut in half are acceptable

Sealed units including: propane tanks, hydraulic cylinders, hydraulic jacks, shock absorbers, drivelines must be cut in half and drained of all oils and other nonmetallic substances

Compressed Gas Cylinders and Oxygen Bottles if valves have been removed, a hole drilled in bottom and free of all liquid and gaseous materials

Barrels, drums, aerosol cans or other containers that are empty. Containers must have lids removed and/or several large holes punched in bottom, so as to assure containers are empty. Tanks must be cut in half. Closed tanks approved on a case by case basis

Air conditioners (automobile, window, etc.) or other items formerly containing CFC's (refrigerants) provided they are accepted from American Iron certified suppliers

Transformers and other components which have been properly tested for PCB's

Lead scrap if properly segregated and stored in nonferrous warehouse before shipping

Automotive scrap associated with oils such as motor blocks, transmissions, torque converters that have been drained of all fluids. Motor blocks must have oil filters removed, torque converters must have hole punched and oil removed

Gauges and Measuring Devices free of radioactivity

Metallic sludges and drosses that seller can provide appropriate documentation which proves the sludge or dross is not hazardous and has been managed in compliance with applicable legal requirements

Military and/or government Scrap which has been certified to be free of explosive and hazardous materials

Brake Shoes with no asbestos

Magnesium flashing and magnesium solids

Note: Please contact Northern Metal Recycling BEFORE making delivery of questionable materials!